Lawyer Team

Lawyer Team


ZHAN Xiuyu

Tel.: 15166612668



Contact Information

Member of Communist Party of China, Partner of Chenggong Law Firm, Deputy Director of Criminal Legal Affairs Department and Executive Director of Chenggong (Jiaozhou) Law Firm


Professional Field


Professional Achievement

The lawyer, ZHAN Xiuyu once participated in the rehabilitation treatment work of “11.22” PetroChina pipeline explosion that occurred in Huangdao in 2014; having worked in the legal team for the relocation and resettlement of Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport for three consecutive years; serving as a permanent legal advisor in multiple government authorities and enterprises, including but not limited to People's Government of Licha Town, Jiaozhou City, Jiaozhou Agricultural Machinery Bureau, Jiaozhou Investment Promotion Bureau and Jiaozhou Huaqiang Cable Co., Ltd.

Commercial dispute, prevention and control of government enterprises’ legal risks and criminal defense

Social duties

Qingdao Advanced Individual of Judicial and Administrative System

Master of Laws of Tsinghua University

Member of Legal Service Team of Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions
Member of Qingdao Legal Education Lecturer Team for Youths
Supervision of Qingdao Alumni Association of Tsinghua University