Lawyer Team

Lawyer Team


He Zhaopeng 

Tel.: 13780608341

Contact Information

Partner of Shandong Chenggong Law Firm, Director of Agriculture, Farmer and Village Legal Affair Department, Vice Director of Finance and Tax Legal Affair Department 


Professional Field


Professional Achievement

Participated in handling a bribery crime case of Jiao X, a non-state staff, who was finally acquitted; Handled the case of the private distribution crime of state-owned assets of Cao XX, who was finally acquitted; Handled a number of drug crime cases, where the defendant was given a lesser punishment; Established a service model for enterprises with legislation and tax, and improve their ability of legal risk control and tax planning.



Legal and tax integration, equity contracts, corporate consultants, legal training, providing enterprises and entrepreneur customers with value-added system security services 

Social duties

Vice Director of Qingdao Lawyers Association Special Committee for Petition Letter and Complaint Representation Related To Law and Litigation


LLB of Shandong University 

Advanced Individual in the Judicial Administration System in Qingdao