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Lawyer Team


QU Liang

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The Partner of Chenggong Law Firm; the Deputy Director of Science, Technology and Intellectual Property Legal Affairs Department


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Professional Achievement

In the ten years of practicing as a lawyer, QU Liang went to France for further study, and after returning to China, he devoted himself to the legal affairs of intellectual property and finally become a professional lawyer in intellectual property field.

Typical cases represented by him include but not limited to: trademark cases--acting for rights protection for well-known trademarks at home and abroad such as Zhejiang Supor, France Lafarge, Guangdong Sanjiao, Zhejiang Zhangxiaoquan, Jinan World, Yantai Shichuan, Anqing ATG, etc. Copyright cases--acting for copyright protection for well-known animation brand such as Armor Hero, YoCi and so on; acting for copyrights protection for music works of WANG Haicheng (WANG Luobin), China Avdio-Video Copyright Association and so on.

Legal affairs of intellectual property; commercial affairs and legal affairs of company; legal business in insurance and real estate; criminal legal business


The Master Degree of European Laws of University Rennes in France

The Outstanding Lawyer in Qingdao City