Lawyer Team

Lawyer Team


Master of China University of Political Science and Law

Qingdao Municipal Judicial Administration System Advanced Individual

Top Ten Lawyers in Chengyang District, Qingdao

Advanced individual in the judicial administrative system of Chengyang District, Qingdao

Dai Baoyi

Tel.: 13589222787


Contact Information

Second-class lawyer, Senior Partner, Deputy Director of Management Committee and Director of Financial and Legal Affairs Department of Chenggong Law Firm, and Deputy Director of Chenggong (Chengyang) Law Firm


Professional Field


Professional Achievement

He has served as a Forensic Commissioner in Jiangsu Kanion Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (A-share listed company in China). He currently serves as the Perennial Legal Adviser to more than 20 enterprises. His original articles have been published or reprinted in dozens of media in China. He has published a monograph named Legal Encounter of a Radish and served as the Deputy Editor of the book named Interpretation of Company by Law published by Qingdao Lawyers Association. In addition, he has also formulated Guidelines for the Operations of Lawyers in Enterprise Legal Advisory Work and Guidelines for the Operations of Lawyers in Civil Lending Disputes and other business guidelines. His latest book named Operational Practice of Legal Counsels for Enterprises in Law, Commerce and Tax was officially published by the China University of Politic Science and Law Press recently.


Corporate legal adviser, finance, corporate affairs, commercial litigation

Social duties

He is Master of Laws of China University of Political Science and Law and Vice Director of the Company Committee of Qingdao Lawyers Association.