Lawyer Team

Lawyer Team


Qingdao Municipal Judicial Administration System Advanced Individual
Qingdao outstanding lawyer

Guan Yijie

Tel.: 13306486718


Contact Information

Senior Partner and Deputy Director of Chenggong Law Firm, and Secretary of the Party Branch and Director of Chenggong (Laoshan) Law Firm


Professional Field


Professional Achievement

He has served as legal adviser to Laoshan District People’s Government, Real Estate Bureau (Trade Center), Agricultural and Water Conservancy Bureau, Beizhai Street Office, Qingdao Jinyi Real Estate Company, Qingdao Hisense Real Estate Co., Ltd., Norma (China) Co., Ltd. (German-invested enterprise), Qingdao Jinding Guarantee Investment Co., Ltd. (Taiwanese-invested enterprise), Qingdao Itokin Fashion Co., Ltd. (Japanese-invested enterprise) and other governments, related departments and foreign companies for many years.

He has acted for the non-performing assets clearance business of Bank of China and China Construction Bank, and individual loan clearance business of China Merchants Bank. He has worked with many investment and financing institutions in Beijing and Shenzhen, as well as financial and securities lawyers for many years, and participated in the investment, financing and bidding of major projects

He has completed the project of Qingdao Law Society (Qingdao Municipal Law Commission) on Research on the Reform of Community Collective Property Rights. He has publicly published several articles, such as Discussions on Several Legal Issues of Shareholder Representative Litigation System, Research on the Reform of Rural Collective Economy Shareholding System, Definition of Public Interests in Urban Housing Demolition, etc.


Legal adviser of company and government, investment and financing, real estate and construction engineering business

Social duties

He is member of the Communist Party of China, Master of Laws of Xi'an Jiaotong University, member of the China Law Society, Director of the China Law Association on Science and Technology, member of the Company Business Committee of Shandong Lawyers Association, Director of Qingdao Law Society, Director of Qingdao Lawyers Association, Deputy Director of the Real Estate Professional Committee, off-campus tutor of China Ocean University, part-time professor of the School of Political Science and Law of Qingdao University of Science and Technology and off-campus tutor of MBA of Qingdao University. He has successively won the honorary titles of “Qingdao Advanced Individual of Judicial and Administrative System”, “Qingdao Excellent Lawyer”, etc.