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Guo Bin

Tel.: 13905322563

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Secretary of Party Branch, Founding Partner and Director of Chenggong Law Firm


Professional Field


Professional Achievement

He is member of the legal advisory panel of the Qingdao Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Standing Committee of the Qingdao Municipal People’s Congress, the Qingdao Municipal People’s Government and the Qingdao Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, and legal advisor of to the governments of Shinan District People’ Government, Shibei District People’ Government, Huangdao District People’ Government, Chengyang District People’ Government and Jiaozhou Municipal People’s Government. He has successfully acted for the major difficult cases handed over by provincial, municipal and district government leaders and major economic cases with influence inside and outside the province. He has successfully acted for the joint venture contract dispute between Huaxia Bank, Chaili Coal Mine and East China Company, and avoided nearly RMB ten million of losses for Huaxia Bank, which was published in the bulletin of the Supreme People's Court. He has successfully acted for the joint construction contract dispute between China Textile Workers’ Sanatorium and Qingdao X Real Estate Group, and recovered nearly RMB3 billion of losses for China Textile Workers' Sanatorium, which was highly praised by the leaders of Shandong Federation of Trade Unions.


Major difficult litigation cases and legal affairs such as government legal adviser, legal risk prevention and control, intellectual property right, legal cooperation culture, etc.

Social duties

He is Doctor of China University of Political Science and Law, Master of laws of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Standing Director of China Law Association on Science and Technology, Member of the Expert Committee of China Entrepreneur Crime Prevention Research Center of Beijing Normal University, Director of Shandong Center for China Entrepreneur Criminal Risk Prevention and Control of Beijing Normal University, a Director of Shandong Lawyers Association, Leader of the Legal Service Team in the Blue Economic Zone of Shandong Peninsula, Vice President of Shandong Law Association on Science and Technology, Vice President of Qingdao Lawyers Association, Vice President of China Chamber of International Commerce Qingdao Chamber, Vice President of Qingdao Enterprise Federation and Qingdao Entrepreneur Federation, Vice President of Qingdao Foreign-funded Enterprises Association, Leader of Legal Service Team for Kinetic Energy Conversion in Qingdao, Executive Director of Qingdao Law Society, Director of Shandong Center of Intellectual Property Research Institute of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Director of Expert Legal Service Center for Qingdao Entrepreneurs, Director of Qingdao International Chamber Intellectual Property Service Center and Legal Service Center for Foreign-related Commercial Cases, Director of the Expert Legal Service Center of Qingdao Foreign-funded Enterprises Association, visiting professor of the “Dianjing” School of Political Science and Law Network of China University of Politics and Law, off-campus tutor for professional master majoring in law from China Ocean University and Qingdao University, and part-time professor and master tutor of Shandong University of Science and Technology and Qingdao University of Science and Technology. He has successively won the honorary titles of “The First Shandong Top Ten Outstanding Young Lawyers”, “Shandong Excellent Lawyer”, “Qingdao Excellent Lawyer”, “Qingdao Top Ten Outstanding Young Lawyers”, “Qingdao Model Worker”, “Qingdao Top-notch Talent of Professional Skills”, “Qingdao Excellent Entrepreneurs”, “China Top 100 Lawyers”, etc.

His monographs include Prevention Practice of Enterprises’ Legal Risks and Practice Guides on Enterprise Intellectual Property Right Strategies. He has presided over many research topics such as “Legal Risks Management of Enterprises”, “Research on Reform of Rural Collective Economic Property Rights System” and “Legal Service Model of Rural Land Contract and Management Right Transfer” of Qingdao Law Society.

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