Lawyer Team

Lawyer Team


YANG Zhiming

Tel.: 15898810913



Contact Information

Member of Communist Party of China, Partner of Chenggong Law Firm, and Director of Human Resource Legal Affairs Department


Professional Field


Professional Achievement

Participated in those restructuring projects of Qingdao Shibei District like Shuangshan Company, Heya and Hexi;
Participated in the reform on the collective economy organization institution in Boli Town, Huangdao District;
Participated in the expropriation, compensation and removal of premises on state-owned land in Shibei District, Qingdao City, such as Shunchang Road, 2 Harbin Road, Liaobei Road and Anshan Road;
Launched legal services for such large-scale enterprises as Shibei District Environmental Sanitation Bureau, Shinan District Government, Shuangshan Industrial, Opulentech, Jinghua Diamond, Taikang, Huaqing International Travel Service and Jezetek;
Produced legal opinions for the registration and filing of private equity fund managers, including but not limited to Shenzhen Quantum, Taison Group and Qingdao Port;
Participated in the enterprise listing on the four board, and produced the legal opinion on compliance;
Produced legal opinions for the transfer of state-owned assets of such enterprises as Aucma, Dongjiakou Logistics and Qingdao Port;
Carried out human resource design and risk prevention and control for multiple enterprises;
Participated in hundreds of labor dispute cases to save the losses of laborers and to make employers avoid labor risks.

Labor Law, Civil Affairs and Non-litigation

Social duties

Member of Legal Service Team of Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions

Part-time Arbitrator of Qingdao Shinan District Arbitration Court for Labor and Personnel Disputes

Qingdao Shinan District Legal Aid Counsel

Qingdao Guest Lawyer and Truth Mediation Lawyer of FM107.6 Hotline of Qingdao Radio

Master of Laws of Fuzhou University

Qingdao Advanced Individual of Judicial and Administrative System