Lawyer Team

Lawyer Team


Qingdao Municipal Judicial Administration System Advanced Individual
Qingdao outstanding lawyer

Yu Guankui

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Contact Information

Deputy Director of Chenggong Law Firm and Dean of Chenggong Law School.


Professional Field


Professional Achievement

Acting for the Great Wall Assets v. SASAC, Alkali Industry Group and other loan guarantee contract disputes, exempted the responsibility of the SASAC and the Alkali Industry Company.
Acted for Huaxia Bank and Chaili Coal Mine, East China Company joint venture contract dispute case, after retrial and judgment, Huaxia Bank avoided nearly 10 million yuan losses. The case was published in the sixth issue of the Supreme People's Court in 2010.
Acting for the contract dispute between China Textile Workers Sanatorium and Chongjie Real Estate Group, which saved nearly RMB 1 billion in losses for the textile workers' sanatorium.
Acting for the US Central South Company sales contract dispute case, within one month after accepting the commission, the company recovered more than 600 million yuan for the US Central South Company.
For two consecutive years, he served as the legal consultant for the major festivals of the city and districts such as “Qingdao International Beer Festival Beer Miss and New Silk Road Model Contest”, “Qingdao International Ocean Festival” and “Qingdao City Southern District Sea Love Tourism Festival”.


Commercial, real estate, non-litigation, financial securities business

Social duties

He is Master of Economic Law of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Doctor of Economic Law of Southwest University of Political Science & Law, member of China Law Society, Director of Qingdao Law Society and member of the Foreign-related Commercial Law Expert Committee of Qingdao International Chamber. He has successively won the honorary titles of “Qingdao Advanced Individual of Judicial and Administrative System”, “Qingdao Excellent Lawyer”, “Shandong Outstanding Lawyer Safeguarding Employees’ Rights and Interests”, etc. He is the winner of Shandong Labor Medal for Enriching People and Prospering Shandong. He served as permanent legal adviser to many governments and large enterprises concurrently. He has successfully acted for the joint venture contract dispute between Huaxia Bank, Chaili Coal Mine and East China Company, which was included in the Bulletin of the Supreme People's Court in Jun. 2010.