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Eight Major Lawyer Service Centers
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Eight Major Expert Lawyer Service Centers
Since 2014, Chenggong Law Firm has successively cooperated with China Entrepreneur Crime Prevention Research Center of Beijing Normal University, Qingdao Enterprise Federation, Qingdao Entrepreneur Federation to establish China Entrepreneur Criminal Risk Prevention Shandong Center of Beijing Normal University (the first branch established by the headquarters center nationwide) and Expert Legal Service Center for Qingdao Entrepreneurs, with Qingdao Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment and China Chamber of International Commerce Qingdao Chamber to build Expert Legal Service Center for Qingdao Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment, Legal Service Center for Foreign-related Commercial Cases of China Chamber of International Commerce Qingdao Chamber and Intellectual Property Service Center of China Chamber of International Commerce Qingdao Chamber, and with Intellectual Property Research Institute of Xi’an Jiaotong University to launch Intellectual Property Research Institute Shandong Center of Xi’an Jiaotong University.
The six major centers are established for the purpose of performing the stability, innovation and generalized force construction for enterprises under the New Normal, empowering enterprises to prevent and resolving diversified risks in operation management from source, improving enterprises’ core competitiveness, contributing to the better and rapider development of enterprises, and providing enterprises with accurate, refine, professional, special and full-process legal services.
Service Items:
Expert Legal Consulting——Confronted with the legal service demands of entrepreneurs, launch the full-process legal consulting service for enterprises and entrepreneurs.
Expert Legal Argument——The think tank organized by the six major centers shall conduct expert argumentation for hard and complicated problems, and produce the expert argumentation report.
Expert Legal Definition——Analytical definition and pre-judgment shall be conducted based on risk points existing among entrepreneurs and in enterprise operation.
Expert Legal Design——Provide and design schemes for legal problems entrepreneurs confront.
Expert Right Protection by Law——Excellent lawyers and experts in the practice field shall be organized by the six major centers to launch criminal defense, agency of civil and commercial cases and other legal services for entrepreneurs.
Expert Legal Training——Based on the special requirements of entrepreneurs, targeted legal training shall be launched for enterprises’ senior executives and legal personnel.
The enterprise risk prevention system shall be established to check legal risks suffered by enterprises, straighten out the working procedure, offer physical examination and training to core personnel, and develop the legal checkup reporting.
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