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Chenggong (Jimo) Law Firm
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Chenggong (Jimo) Law Firm
Established in 2014, Chenggong (Jimo) Law Firm is located at the central business district of Jimo City, has the office area near 400 square meters, and features comfortable environment and advanced equipment. It experiences networking management and collaborative operation with the headquarters and other branches of Chenggong, and serves as a comprehensive law firm aiming at providing professional, diversified, integrated and all-round legal services for the commercial activities of customers, so as to master the frontier economic information and control legal risks in all aspects for customers in the new normal. Jimo Branch enjoys more than 20 lawyers and administrative personnel, the majority of whom graduate from domestically famous law schools, and possess both abundant legal practice experience and profound foundation of legal theories. Currently, the business of this branch has been extended to diversified fields, including but not limited to economic, civil, criminal and commercial affairs, appeal, retrial and execution. 
Thanks to its high-quality legal services, Chenggong (Jimo) has achieved the consistent critical acclaim from customers, become a member of the legal service team of Jimo District Government, and acted as the permanent legal advisor of many enterprises and public institutions, such as Jimo District Bureau of Health and Family Planning, Qingdao Jimo Market Construction and Development Bureau, Jimo District Office of Financial Work and Shandong Video & Radio Co., Ltd. Qingdao Jimo Branch; its customers include both enterprises featuring favorable performance and traditional manufacturing enterprises in such fields as bank, insurance, fund, real estate, communications, tourism and information technology. With regard to the commercial activities of customers, Chenggong (Jimo) shall provide customers with relevant legal aids in terms of financing from public market, non-performing asset restructuring, real estate development, project investment management, enterprise management, intellectual property right protection, international trade, prevention and control of legal risks, and dispute resolutions (litigation and arbitration), so as to contribute to the complete success thereof. For instance, it once coordinated with the Management Committee of Qingdao Environmental Protection Industrial Park to control the demonstration initiated by workers of a missing Korean company; it brought its superiority into full play, empowered small and medium-sized enterprises in Jimo to realize public listing in the “New Three Board” and “New Four Board”, and rendered legal support to the blue economic development in Jimo; it expanded the service field and range of the “Jimo Position Safeguarding Legal Rights of Women” set in Jimo Women’s Federation, and launched vigorous legal aids in safeguarding rights of women as the “Qingdao Public Service Station of Anti-domestic Violence and Rights Protection”.

In the future, we will achieve such working goals as serving customers, creating value, improving image and contributing to society, abide by the practicing requirements of high quality, high standards and high level, and practice the value guidance of colleague caring, sincere cooperation and win-win result. Guided by the service concept of “integrity first, kindness forever, careful reflection, sincere cooperation, progressive advancement, constant perfection”, we will serve people in Jimo, and enable Jimo to be governed by law.

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