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Chenggong (Jinan) Law Firm
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Chenggong (Jinan) Law Firm
  Established in 2009, Chenggong (Jinan) Law Firm mainly launches services in Spring City—Jinan, a historic cultural city, and radiates the area of Shandong Peninsula. In combination with the actual situations in locality and the professional advantages of the headquarters, the branch focuses on cases in the economic field like bank, securities, insurance, bankruptcy, company merger and acquisition and asset restructuring in addition to traditional civil, economic and criminal cases, serves as the legal counsel of enterprises and public institutions, and simultaneously boasts the unparalleled superiority of handling important and hard cases in provincial high people’s courts.
All the lawyers of Chenggong (Jinan) must accept the systematic legal training, and possess profound professional knowledge and abundant legal practicing experience. It is excellent professional talents and favorable working mechanism that empowers the branch to deliver high-quality legal services to the society. While adhering to the tenet of the headquarters, namely, “sincerity orientation, innovation pursuit, social welfare, harmonious development, common prosperity”, Jinan Branch deems “integrity first, kindness forever, careful reflection, sincere cooperation, progressive advancement, constant perfection, high-quality efficiency” as its practicing philosophy, and endeavors to bring about professional, high-quality and efficient legal services to customers.
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