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Chenggong (Chengyang) Law Firm
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Chenggong (Chengyang) Law Firm
Established in Nov. 2008, Chenggong (Chengyang) Law Firm has its office space located in Chengyang District, Qingdao City, and is adjacent to many judicial and administrative organs, thus boasting perfect location. The comprehensive office area is up to 700 square meters. It advocates the network-based management, and prefers to cooperate with the headquarters and other branches of Chenggong Law Firm.
Chenggong (Chengyang) now is the home to over 20 lawyers and administrative personnel, and has been successively granted with such honorary titles as “Chengyang Advanced Collective of Judicial and Administrative System”, “Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization”, “Advanced Model of Sunshine Branch” and “Chengyang Legal Aid Acceptance Point”. So far, quite a few lawyers thereof have been rated as “Qingdao Advanced Individual of Judicial and Administrative System” and “Chengyang Top Ten Lawyers”.
Over the past ten (10) years upon its establishment, Chenggong (Chengyang) always attaches great significance to the effective communication with customers, sticks to the comprehensive analysis and research of cases, and endeavors to launch professional, high-quality and efficient legal services for clients by virtue of normalized operation procedure. Currently, it has developed the great pattern oriented at civil, criminal, administrative, commercial, financial, real estate and corporate legal affairs and witnessing the coordinated development of other businesses, and had its businesses distributed across the country. In addition to being the permanent legal advisor of many large-scale enterprises, lawyers thereof also act as the legal counsel of 12 communities, have the service brand of “Chenggong Lawyer” rooted in the masses, and provide efficient and convenient legal services for the construction of Jiaozhou Bay North Shore Central Area featuring pleasant living environment, quality and dynamics.
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