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Chenggong (Huangdao) Law Firm
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Chenggong (Huangdao) Law Firm
Established in 2003, Chenggong (Huangdao) Law Firm now enjoys 45 lawyers and administrative personnel of Bachelor degree or above and abundant experience, among which there are 8 masters, 2 doctors of laws, and 3 postgraduate tutors or part-time professors. Currently, it has set such business departments as government, corporate, real estate building, finance, civil affairs, criminal affairs, and foreign affairs or foreign nationals, and been granted with diversified honorary titles, including but not limited to “Qingdao Excellent Law Firm”, “Qingdao Advanced Collective of Judicial and Administrative System” and “Qingdao Advanced Collective for Law Dissemination and Law-based Governance”. Nowadays, lawyers thereof have been granted with “Individual First-class Merit” by the Shandong Department of Justice, and successively won many honorary titles, such as “Qingdao Excellent Lawyer”, “7th Batch of Top-notch Talents in the Development Zone” and “Excellent Youth Talent in Qingdao West Coast New Area”.
In addition to be the legal counsel of Huangdao Government, Chenggong (Huangdao) has established the long-term legal service relationship with quite a few government authorities, sub-district offices, community organizations, enterprises and public institutions, and particularly achieved outstanding performance in the handling of major social events. Lawyers of Chenggong (Huangdao) were once dispatched to legally and properly handle “11.22” Huangdao Explosion Accident, Xin’an “5.11” Major Collapse Event and Shipwrecks of “Oriental Star”. Thanks to the outstanding performance, Chenggong (Huangdao) was granted with the Qingdao Collective Third-Class Merit, and widely acclaimed by all sectors of society. Nowadays, Chenggong (Huangdao) has increasingly grown to be one of the law firms featuring large scale, comprehensive business scope and strong professional capacity along the west coast of Qingdao.
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