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Chenggong Law Firm, a partnership one established in 1996, has “Chenggong” in its name coming from the pursuit of “integrity (with Chinese pronunciation as “Cheng”) first, kindness (with Chinese pronunciation as “Gong”) forever”. In other words, the mission of lawyers to safeguard kindness, fairness and peace and advance government by law shall be completed by virtue of loyalty and dedication.
Thanks to the development for over twenty (20) years, Chenggong has successively established 6 branches in Jinan and Huangdao etc., possessed 45 partners, over 200 full-time and part-time lawyers and more than 30 assistant lawyers and administrative personnel, and had the total office space over 5,000 square meters. Over 50% of lawyers in Chenggong have obtained the master’s degree and doctorate. So far, 18 special legal teams in terms of government counsels, intellectual property right, foreign affairs or foreign nationals, finance and taxation, securities and capital market, finance and company as well as 6 specialized commissions represented by Committee of Youth Work have been established by Chenggong. Its business has been extended to Hong Kong, Macao, as well as countries in Europe and America. The headquarters consists of Experts’ Legal Service Center, Chenggong Bookstore, Chenggong Lawyer College and Chenggong Public Welfare Center.
Currently, Chenggong has been successively granted with such honorary titles as “National Excellent Law Firm”, “National Excellent Law Firm for Serving Middle and Small-sized Enterprises”, “Shandong Excellent Law Firm”, “Shandong Service Brand”, “Qingdao Excellent Law Firm”, “Qingdao Demonstration Enterprise of Social Responsibility” and “Advanced Primary Party Organization”. In addition, the identification of Chenggong Law Firm – “Chenggong and Figure” has been rated as “Shandong Famous Trademark”, and the journal –Cheng Gong Lawyer appraised to be the “First Session of Excellent Journal of Shandong Law Firm”. Furthermore, quite a few lawyers have been elected to be “Shandong Top Ten Outstanding Young Lawyers”, “Shandong Excellent Lawyer”, “Shandong Labor Medal for Enriching People and Prospering Shandong”, “Shandong Outstanding Lawyer Safeguarding Employees’ Rights and Interests”, “Qingdao Excellent Lawyer”, “Qingdao Top-notch Talent of Professional Skills”, “Qingdao Model Worker” and “Qingdao Woman Pace-setter”.
The legal services of Chenggong have been widely recognized and trusted by all sectors of society. In addition to being legal counsels of governments at provincial, municipal and district level and relevant functional departments, lawyers from Gongcheng Law Firm also hold important positions in quite a few social institutions. So far, it has served Qingdao Women’s Federation, Orphan Asylum and Legal Aid Center for long, launched diversified platforms for socially useful law popularization like Mediation with True Feelings, and shaped the commonweal brand of Chenggong lawyers.
After establishing favorable cooperation relationship with domestically and internationally famous law firms, institutions of higher learning and industry associations etc., Chenggong has set foot in extensive service fields, and boasted a lot of cooperative platforms.
Chenggong lawyers shall contribute to your success.

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