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About us

Origin and Connotation of Chenggong
Integrity is the rule of natural law; the success of being honest is the rule of humanity. “Chenggong” comes from “integrity (with Chinese pronunciation as “Cheng”) first, kindness (with Chinese pronunciation as “Gong”) forever”, whose definition is contained in the 9 short verses, namely, “doctrine refers to integrity, integrity means wisdom, wisdom means truth, truth means harmony, harmony means generation, generation means existence, existence means merits, merits means nothing, and nothing is doctrine”. All extend from doctrine and come to an end with doctrine upon turnover. 


Path of Chenggong

The path of Chenggong is summarized by all the staff of Chenggong based on its development experience for over twenty (20) years, proceeds from and orients at how Chenggong lawyers and Chenggong Law Firm achieve existence and development, elaborates and defines the practicing concepts, practicing spirits, practicing style, practicing missions, growth road, behavior pattern, struggling goals, development objectives, operation modes and development roads of Chenggong lawyers, and guides all the staff of Chenggong to forge ahead towards success, and to create their successful and happy life.


Core Value of Chenggong
Doctrine Observance, Morality Respect, Law Emphasis, People Caring,

Persistence, Innovation, Donation, Connection, Unison, Synthesis and Win-win



Mission and Liabilities of Chenggong Lawyers
Protect legal rights and interests of the parties concerned, safeguard the correct

implementation of laws as well as social equality and fairness, promote the

government by law to benefit people and protect the state, and apply law works

for the masses and the state.


“Five Development Directions” of Chenggong Lawyers
Normalization, Professionalism, Specialization, Expert-orientation, Socialization


“Five Development Directions” of Chenggong Law Firm
Intelligence, Synthesis, Team-orientation, Branding, Circulation

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